My name is Angelos Mavrogiannakis. I have 30 years experience in software quality and testing.

I am the founder of the

Center for the Advancement of Software Quality.

This is my blog to share my thoughts about software quality. My articles will touch subjects around software quality and testing. I am big fan of preventing defects rather detecting them. In fact I have been inspired from the teachings of QA Giants and I endeavor to follow them.

I am also the founder of Quality Assurance Personal Framework with the name:

“Quality Assurance as a Skill = Be Proactive”

It is a framework based on ideas of QA Giants enhanced with my ideas from my 30 years in QA roles. It is a platform for any role to focus on defects prevention. My QA as a skill framework empowers Individuals to become more proactive and prevent any kind of problems and defects. It brings Agility to problems/defects prevention activities and reinforces that Quality is everyone’s responsibility.

So expect to see the majority of my articles around Quality assurance, defects prevention and be proactive. Those will be archived under the repository section of my framework. This is an ongoing project and I welcome you to visit it anytime. I keep adding content monthly.

You can access my QA framework from my main menu OR please click here.

Other concepts such as Software testing, Tools, IT, etc. will be also explored in my blog.

To see all my articles select from the menu of categories at the bottom of the page. Alternatively you can use the menu at the top of the page. Select repository of skills or approaches. Feel free to comment at the bottom of each article. All my articles are open for discussion and debate. I appreciate also any feedback you might have so I can do this site better.

If you want to participate on discussions, around my QA as a skill framework please send a request to join my discussion group . You access it by clicking here.

Please follow my blog by entering your email and clicking the button below at the bottom of the page so we can keep in touch.

Thank you for visiting

Angelos Mavrogiannakis


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